Top 10 Ways to Earn Money Online

Ways to Earn Money Online


Hey Folks!
Today we’re going to tell you about Top 10 Ways to Earn Money Online.
After a lot of research, we’ve curated Top 10 Ways to Earn Money Online which is surely going to land you enough money to always keep your wallet thick and full.
But before we get started keep in mind that Earning Money Online is a gradual process which demands Patience, Effort, and definitely some Skills. Which we’re sure you can learn over time.
Quick Tip –
  1.  Do not fall for Data Entry Jobs.
  2.  They are mostly scams and will ask you for the registration amount and won’t pay you after.
  3.  Earning Money Online is a gradual but sure process. Do not fall to get rich quick schemes as most of them are fraud.

1. Dropshipping BusinessTop 10 Ways to Earn Money Online

Dropshipping Business is a model that allows you to sell products online being an intermediary between supplier and customer. It is one of the most popular ways out of Top 10 Ways to Earn Money Online.
The most wholesome thing about dropshipping is that you can start your own Dropshipping Business without stressing about maintaining the inventory.
In simple words, you can sell directly to your customers from your own site without keeping the physical stock of products. You can use sites like Meesho, Shop 101, and Shopify to start your Dropshipping Business. 
Now think about a Normal Business Model,
It may look something like this:
  1. You routinely buy products from a supplier while maintaining minimum order quantity to get a wholesale price.
  2.  You stock the products until the customer orders it.
  3. And then you’ve to take care of each and every step of sales like packaging and shipment yourself.
This traditional model takes a lot of work.
Now take a look at Dropshipping Model which is a bit different from the traditional one

Dropshipping business Model

Pretty cool right?
If it interests you make sure to contemplate Pros and Cons of Dropshipping to get a more clear insight.
To know more about it do check out our blog on What is Dropshipping?

2. Become a FreelancerTop 10 ways Earn Money Online

Freelancing means providing people with your skills and expertise and charging them a certain amount of money for that.

Now, what’s better than being self-employed and earning on your own terms?
Freelancing gives you the freedom of working at your own pace, space, time, and comfort.
If you’re a writer, developer, artist, illustrator, graphic designer, etc,  you can freelance your skills to the clients who’re looking for it online.
Sites like Fiverr, Upwork, Toptal, Freelancer, TaskRabbit etc, are few of Best Freelancing Sites.
You just have to focus on three skills to be a good Freelancer –
  • Your Core Skill.
  •  Marketing Skill.
  • Communication Skills.

3. Content Writing – Top 10 ways to Earn Money Online

Everything that you read whether it be magazines, blogs, reports, sales copy, Text for graphics, etc, is written by a Content Writer.
If you like writing this is an ideal way for you to earn money.
You can either directly associate with a company or you can even join a community of writers online and become a professional Content Writer. 

4. Make Money with Affiliate Marketing – 

This is a popular way to earn money by promoting other people’s or company’s products.
Look at it like this,
You share the links to the products of a company. When someone buys the product from your link you get some commission in return. The commission depends on the price of the product.
This works best if you run a website.
You can place ads for the product on your site. By doing so the product will be visible to every person visiting your site.
If you have a significant amount of traffic on your site you have good chances of Earning Money by Affiliate Marketing. 
The most trusted Affiliate Marketing sites are Amazon Affiliate Marketing and Flipkart Affiliate Marketing.
Others are ShareASale, eBay Partners, Shopify Affiliate, etc.

5. Start a YouTube Channel –

Do you know, a person is more likely to remember visual content compared to text.
80% of people remember what they see, 10% what that hear, and the leftover 10% for what they read.
Isn’t that a great indication for you to Start Your Own YouTube Channel?
People are finding short and informative video content more appealing nowadays.
The better the content and visuals, the more it engages people but due to high competition make sure to provide high-quality content to viewers.
Your channel could be about anything from politics, news, studies to makeup, fashion, and ongoing trends.

6. Earn Money by Instagram and Facebook

Facebook has the most number of users and Instagram has emerged to be the most versatile platform as social media.
There are many Ways you Earn Money From Instagram and Facebook. For this, your page or profile should have a large follower count.
You can earn money by –
  1.  Promoting other people’s content.
  2.  Selling your own products.
  3.  Making money from influencer programs.
  4.  Promoting affiliate products
  5.  Join the YouTube partner program

7. Open a digital store –

Did you always dream of owning a business?
Then this is the right way for you to explore the opportunities and exposure the internet has to offer.
All you need is your own website and marketing it in the right way. Because whenever someone wants to buy something, searching it on the internet is the first thing they’ll do.
You’ll need to dig into an in-depth guide on How to start your own digital store for a better understanding.

8. Blogging –

Blogging is a way to provide information to people on different subjects.
Everything that you read on the Internet is written by someone. Every time you click on a search result, someone gets paid.
But Blogging requires patience. You’ve to keep posting articles on your site and wait for the audience to tune in.

But Once you’ve gained a significant amount of traffic. You can Monetize Your Blog in no time, and start making Passive Income. You can use Blogger to start your blogging journey for free.

Read more about Everything you need to know about Starting a Blog.

9. Become a Consultant –

We always go on passing our advice for free. What if we told you you can get paid for it? You won’t ever do it for free then, so Become a Consultant
If you hold expertise about anything you can build your online presence or join a community to get paid for it.

10. Start a Successful Podcast –

Podcasts have gain popularity in no time, But a lot of people are adding extra money by Starting a Successful Podcast. 
You can Build a successful Podcast and wait for the people to tune in.
Once people are tuned in you can make money by podcast sponsorship, paid membership, join advertising networks, sell premium episodes, etc.

Conclusion –

Here we shared our Top 10 Ways to Earn Money Online. Now it’s your time to Take Action because you can read and search all that you like but it won’t work until you do.
Most people fail because they think more and are afraid to take action.
Work on the way that interests you. Take one step at a time and you’ll slowly get there.
All you have to do is Start!

Pick your idea  List down the steps to implement it  Take Action 

That’s all you gotta do. It’s gonna take you some time but trying is worth it than sitting around and waiting for things to work out.
Don’t forget to comment down below the way you liked the most and thinking to work upon.

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