Heyyy Guys! Let’s dive into the world of Saving Hacks for Teenagers.

Saving money as a teenager can be hard especially when you see all your peers wasting money like water. {Saving both is extremely Important guys !!!)

Well whether it’s buying new clothes, going on trips with your friends, or casually hanging out, we teens spend our money like there is a fortune waiting for us. When we all know somewhere in the back of our mind that these spending habits will lead us nowhere, still pleasure takes over the guilt and there goes nothing. This is why this post is dedicated to teens who’re willing to enhance their money management skills. Go through all the Money-Saving Hacks for Teenagers and see how many of them work for you.


saving hacks for teenagers

Here’s how we teens can save :


1. Separate Spending Money from Saving Money

To start off with our list of saving hacks for teenagers let us learn the basics first.

If you’re doing some part-time job then that’s great because you’ll have a fixed income coming to you every month. And even if you don’t have a job you must be living off on the pocket money your parents give you. The whole point is when you have a fixed amount in your hand to go through an entire month, it’s easy to make separate parts of that money.

We suggest separating the money you’ll be needing to take care of your needs from the money you want to save.


2. Save Big part – Saving Hacks For Teenagers

When we separate our money into parts, the most common mistake we tend to make is, we take out the money we’ll need for our expenses First and then save the rest. When we should keep aside the big part for Saving first and manage our expenses from the rest.


3. Track your expenses

Keeping track of your expenses will help you to differentiate between your needs and extravagant expenditure. At the end of the day list down all the things you spent your money on. Then decide was there any place you could have saved money or any unnecessary expenses you made that day. Trust me to try doing this and you’ll be surprised at how much.


4. Cut Down Your Expenses

When you finally have a track of where your money goes, try to look where you can un-spend it. Look for alternatives to where you’ve spent and try not to spend until it’s really necessary. This way you can put away more money into your savings bucket.


5. Use student cards and discounts

Being a Teenager is not all bad and can actually have a lot of advantages. You can avail many discounts and special prices by using your student id card that you always manage up losing or throwing away! Come on now is it so hard to keep track of your things!? From regular bus or subway rides to your college canteens you can get tons of benefits by using your student id but guess what, you don’t care enough.


6. Use Library

This is probably The Most Important saving hack for teenagers. We know this point is highly debatable but I personally think that almost every other teen spends tons of money on purchasing books they don’t even read. This is why libraries exist! Why the hell would you want to spend your money on a book that you’ll probably throw away after a year or so? If you’re a college student you don’t really need to buy books every now and then.

Just apply for your library membership card and you can access all the books you need. And if you’re still in school, I would suggest what I used to do instead of buying brand new books every year, I purchased one year older edition at half the price and even lower or just borrow all the books from my immediate senior.


7. Eat out less

In our list of saving hacks for teenagers this one’s probably the toughest one BUT…..This hack will save you soooo much money!!! I will try to put it in a simple single phrase – EAT YOUR FOOD BEFORE YOU GO OUT. So that you don’t end up ordering anything senselessly when you’re out. Also, pack a snack from home if you can before leaving home. (just in case)


8. Shop Local

Canceling out malls and big-branded stores will help you A LOT. Because in the race of looking cool and everything we often neglect how overpriced their products can be. You can always find good deals in your local markets and stores. All you have to do is look for them. And by doing so you’re also supporting your local vendors. So that’s a win-win situation.



There can be a lot more ways to save money as a teenager. You can look for more and more saving hacks for teenagers but it won’t work if does not work for it. It’s just that your willpower should be strong enough to overcome the temptation of spending money without having a care in the world.

Teenage minds have a lot of small dreams like getting your hands on a new phone you’re waiting for or big dreams like buying your own car. All of this can happen if we make smart financial decisions. And when you’ll start your journey towards saving money you’ll find further ways to manage your money. Just take small steps from right at this moment and you’ll see big differences later.


So this was all about Saving Hacks For Teenagers. I hope you found it useful and worth sharing. Because you know your friends and friends of friends can use some of these hacks for saving their money as well!

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Money-Saving Hacks For Teenagers

1. Separate Spending Money from Saving Money.
2. Save Big part – Saving Hacks For Teenagers.
3. Track your expenses.
4. Cut Down Your Expenses.
5. Use student cards and discounts.
6. Use Library.
7. Eat out less.
8. Shop Local.

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