What is Guerrilla Marketing?

Guerrilla Marketing can be defined as an unconventional way to promote your product in front of the audience, for better understanding we have listed Guerrilla Marketing Examples later for you.

Now to understand what is guerrilla marketing in an easy way – Think of it as a publicity stunt. Let’s say when Miley Cyrus twerked her innocence out on MTV VMA 2013 performance, she became the talk of the town with her provocative performance. The internet went crazy and it certainly brought her immediate attention from everywhere. And trust us, people still talk about and remember it vividly. Now that’s one way of being in the headlines.

Similarly, Guerrilla Marketing is an advertising strategy where companies use out-of-the-box tactics or surprising interactions with the audience to promote their product or service.  When traditional strategies aren’t delivering the desired result, Guerrilla Marketing can come in handy to grab people’s attention. Guerrilla Advertising is done in order to make a lasting impression among the audience.


What are the pros and cons of Guerrilla Marketing?

Pros –

# Budget Friendly

You can promote your product to a larger amount of audience by spending little. With all the creative thinking that goes into Guerrilla Advertising, it can be done with way too little money than the traditional marketing approach.


# Wider Reach

One of the best advantages of guerrilla marketing is that you can reach a wide audience with one single guerrilla marketing campaign. Guerrilla Marketing is all about creating a buzz in the market. And by doing so you will have people talking about your products to their family and friends. Hence, reaching a maximum number of people.


# Lasting Impression

Guerrilla Marketing leaves a lasting impression on your audience’s mind. If your Guerrilla Marketing campaign is on point,  then it will make a place in people’s subconscious minds and they will think about it even after reaching their home.


# High Return on Investment

In Guerrilla Marketing you have to spend a little to advertise your product and in return, you get great recognition and increased sales. So that’s a win-win.


Cons –

# Delivering the wrong message

If you don’t plan your Guerrilla Marketing Campaign carefully there are a lot of chances of delivering the wrong message. Which will eventually ruin the brand image rather than making an everlasting impact.


# Unpredictable

You cannot predict whether the Guerrilla Marketing technique will give you success or not.  It’s either a Hit or Miss in most cases. This is why you should be very careful while planning out your whole Guerrilla Marketing Campaign. No one can guarantee you success. It may give you fame instantly or take several months to get the desired result.


# Benefit of Wrong

If you fail to deliver a clear idea of your product, there are chances that it’ll prove to be beneficial for other similar brands. As there are several options for one thing in the present world.
Guerrilla Marketing Examples- Heinz went a brandless route for its latest campaign. Inspired by the thought –

“When it comes to ketchup, it has to be Heinz” The brand leverages its iconic keystone logo.

When people were asked about whether it was a hit or a miss? Most of them replied that they thought of McDonald’s at first glance. Or they thought it was a burger ad.
Guerrilla Marketing campaign


Now let’s get down to 10 Mind-Blowing Guerrilla Marketing Examples


1. French Fries for Zebra Crossing

McDonald's guerrilla marketing campaign

A brilliant tactic used by McDonald’s, stimulating that lines are french fries coming out of their packet with the iconic golden arched ‘M’ as the logo. This is one of the great Guerrilla Marketing Examples.

2. Guerrilla Marketing on public transports

public transport guerrilla marketing campaign

We’re used to seeing banners and flyers displayed in and out of buses. But just look at this Guerrilla Marketing done by a zoo on the local bus. A snake squishing the bus is definitely a head-turner.

3. On the urban benches


Nestle transformed the urban benches into the shape of their famous chocolate bar KitKat.

4. Door handles into Beer Mugs

Tyskie beer Guerrilla Marketing examples

Getting the feeling of holding a chilled beer mug? Tyskie beer stirred the same feelings among the people through this amazing Guerrilla Marketing trick.


5. 3 Million Security Glass!

securityglass's guerrilla marketing examples

This Guerrilla Marketing Campaign was done by a security glass company at a bus stop in Canada just focused on a simple thing –  ‘Show doesn’t Tell’. When you think about it, they’re literally just showing the quality of the product they’re delivering. If you break the glass the money is yours. As simple as that.


6. Turnstile as a mascara brush

Guerrilla Marketing campaign

Clever use of turnstile by Cover Girl to mimic their Lash Blast Mascara brush. So simple, so effective!


7. Importance of brushing teeth

Ice-cream's Guerrilla Marketing Example
Ice creams stick emerging as toothbrushes, reminding children and adults of the importance of brushing teeth after eating. Specifically from Colgate.

8. Duracell lighting up the marketing game

Guerrilla Marketing Example of dura cells

Duracell’s contextual ads made use of the existing light sources. One of the finest examples of Guerrilla Marketing.

9. Endless possibilities of Legos

Lego's guerrilla marketing campaign

A genius way of putting up a billboard!

10. Guerrilla Marketing for Homeless

guerrilla marketing examples

This ad for a homeless shelter is also a mini homeless shelter.



These were the 10 mind-blowing guerrilla marketing examples we curated for you. But this is not all. You can look in your surroundings and take in all the advertisements put up by different brands. This way you’ll be able to pick the perfect ways to plan your Guerrilla Marketing campaign with the streets, benches, billboards. Anything and everything can come in handy. You just have to run your creative horses around.

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What is Guerrilla Marketing?

Guerrilla Marketing is an advertising strategy where companies use out-of-the-box tactics or surprising interactions with the audience to promote their product or service.

What are the pros of Guerrilla Marketing?

1. Budget-Friendly
2. Wider Reach
3. Lasting Impression
4. High Return on Investment

What are the cons of Guerrilla Marketing?

1. Delivering the wrong message
2. Unpredictable
3. Benefit of Wrong

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