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If you want to start your journey in Freelancing, whether as a side hustle or a full-time career, selecting the Best Freelancing Sites is a very important step to have a great time Freelancing.

Gone are the days when the biggest dream of people used to be landing a big package and working for millennial companies. Now people are more focused on being financially independent and work for themselves. And Freelancing is one of the best ways to make money online and ultimately make way for your financial freedom.

There are many Freelancing Sites out there. But selecting the best Freelance website can be a little overwhelming if you don’t know what you should look for in a Freelance site.

But don’t you worry! Read this article to the end and you’ll know How to select the Best Freelancing sites. Also, our list of Best Freelancing Sites will save you all the hassle. If you want to know more about freelancing click here What is freelancing?


Best freelance website


What are the Freelancing Websites?

Freelance Websites are the platform where people looking for work and freelancers providing services post their offers.

Being a Freelancer is a smart way to sell your skills to the people in search. It not only develops your hobby but also gives you a chance to monetize it.

Choosing the best freelance website will Kickstart your career and will help you land your first clients and maintain a good portfolio.


Why Do You Need A Good Freelance Website?

When you ask already established freelancers about the Freelance websites they’re using, they’ll simply tell you to avoid such sites. It’s just because they already have enough clients that they don’t really need to search for work on freelancing sites anymore.

But for beginners, that’s not the case. You definitely need top Freelancing sites that will assist you through the whole process, from registering on their site to landing your first customer.

Being a new freelancer, you have to put up a strong fight to stand out and get work. For this, some top freelancing sites can be a great place to find customers and gain freelancing experience.

Now one of the most common mistakes one can do as a beginner is, joining every other freelancing site they find to increase their chances of landing work.

But registering on every other site will do you no good. You’ll end up using a lot of money and won’t be able to focus on one platform.

Keep in mind to pick 1 or 2 of the best Freelancing sites and build your profile on them. This will help you to focus on it. Because you’ll have to make your presence known among already high rated freelancers.

You can do this by devoting your time to build a strong and impressive portfolio by asking to write good reviews from your clients.

Take your time and write good proposals to attract customers instead of copy-pasting the same thing on every site you’re using.

Now tell us, can you do this much on 10 different sites!? No. It will be pretty hectic and you will eventually lose your interest in freelancing.

So there you know why you need to select top freelancing sites.


Pro’s And Con’s Of Using Freelance Sites



• You’ll have a reliable platform to build your online presence

• You’ll be able to find plenty of work

• You’ll have the opportunity to learn how
communicate well with clients

• You’ll have a lot of diversity to work in your own field

• You’ll get paid authentically with up to 0 % of frauds ( top freelance sites use intelligence algorithm and keep the profiles verified)


Con’s :

• You’ll have to pay a registration amount on almost every site

• You’ll have to face tough competition from other freelancers

• You’ll have to invest your time and patience to build a strong portfolio

• You’ll have to even work for free in beginning in order to get work

Now you can contemplate these benefits and downsides of freelancing and move further to select the best freelance website for yourself.


How To Select The Best Freelance Websites

You should see certain aspects and compare every website to the points mentioned below
and then select the best freelance website.


1. Check the Cost

Almost all freelance sites will charge some platform fees for using their site to offer your services. For eg. See the image below

Upwork charges 20% of each of your work. As in, if you complete a job of $1000, Upwork will charge 20% from it, which is $200 so you’ll get $800. Check the tents and conditions of the Freelance site to know about their platform fees.


2. Check Competition

If you’re a beginner, the more popular platform you’ll choose more difficult it will be to land a job. Look for Freelancing sites with moderate competition.


3. Check Job Listings

Thoroughly check if the website has enough job listings related to your work category. Go for freelancing sites dedicated to a specific industry. For eg, Listverse is a freelancing site for content writers.

After comparing all these points you now know what to look for selecting the best freelance website.


Best Freelancing Website


1. Upwork

Upwork is one of the top-rated freelancing sites. You can find almost any kind of job listing from marketing, designing to ethical hacking, and accounting. It’s fair to place it on top of the list of best Freelance sites because of its popularity.

Upwork charges up to 20% of the amount you charge for your services for the first five jobs you land. After that, it charges 5%.


2. Fiverr

Fiverr is a platform that has already fixed prices for you. The price starts at $5. You get 3 price models Basic, Standard, and Premium. You can choose from these according to your skills and experience.


3. Freelancer

It’s one of the most used platforms in India, the US, and the UK. It has a user base of approx 24 million. You can find a wide range of jobs on Freelancer. Some major perks are – it’s easy to use, is great for the IT sector, competitions for cash prizes.


4. Peopleperhour

This site is worth mentioning in our list of top freelancing sites. It has over 1.5 million freelancers. It is free for freelancers but the competition is pretty high. Here payment is usually done in Pounds or Euros which can make it difficult to take International orders. But otherwise, it’s a great site because of its portfolio management and great networking opportunity.


5. Simply Hired

Moving on with our list of best-freelancing sites the 5th one is Simply hired. The best thing about this is that you can search for freelance jobs in your nearby locations.


6. Guru

It is one of the oldest platforms on our list. It was originally named in 1999 later changed to Guru. It not only allows a freelancer to get paid according to working hours or tasks but also according to milestones and recurring payments.

You’ll face less competition here compared to Freelancing sites like Upwork and Fiverr.


7. Aquent

Acquent is a well-established platform known for offering services in many sectors relating to creative, digital, and marketing purposes.


8. Crowded

Crowded is not like your other freelance sites where you apply for work you find. Instead, it has a strong AI-Powered Recruitment Process that will automatically find you suitable jobs according to your profile. It ranks you according to your skills, experience, and price.

You don’t have to apply for every job manually. Their algorithm will do the job and you’ll have to wait for the employer to contact you.

This was our list of Best Freelancing Sites. You can browse through each of them personally and see what works for you the best.



Choosing to be a Freelancer can bring you to work flexibility and financial freedom. But if your decision is not backed up with the right information and preplans it can be a little tough.

Our list of Top Freelancing sites can make your freelance career path easy, to begin with.

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