5 Ways to be More Frugal and Save Money

5 Ways to be More Frugal and Save Money


If you know the past version of me, you’ll say that either I’m a miser, frugal, or a heavy spender. Just because my spending habits depended a lot on my mood and less on my habits. But speaking of now I’ve changed my spending habits a lot and it’s safe to say that I’m living a more economical life and saving money everywhere I can.


5 Ways to be More Frugal and Save Money


So today I’m sharing 5 Ways to be More Frugal and Save Money –


1. Ask Yourself – Does it gives me Value for My Money?

Now the very first thing to understand is that there is a huge difference between being miser / cheap and being frugal.

Being cheap simply means buying or choosing something just because it’s cheap without looking at any other aspects. Meanwhile, being frugal means looking out for the value a thing brings in your life in return for the money you spend.

It will change the way you look at things while boosting your mindset to be more Frugal and Save Money.


2. Ditch Unhealthy and Expensive Habits


Now, this is the least you can do to be more Frugal and save money.

Just tell me what pleasure does consuming hookah and alcohol on every other day give you!? Nothing but a hole in your pocket and an extremely unhealthy lifestyle.

We’re not here to kill your fun. All we’re asking is do it once in a really long while for 3 ultimate goals –

To save a hefty amount of your money
To not kill yourself before your time
To maintain the fun it brings in your life

By doing it occasionally and not regularly.


3. Overcome the temptations

We know how it feels when you see someone buying those cool headphones or having a new version of iPhone every year it launches.

Just ask yourself – Do I really need it?

Because if you don’t, you’ll slowly start turning your Want into Needs.
And that’s the last thing you’ll want.

4. Be aware of what goes into your house

Or speaking differently,
Cut down expenses on your utility bills!

It’s the most important thing to focus on.
How many times you didn’t get up to turn off the lights not needed just because you were feeling lazy or let’s say you just forgot to turn it off because of your presence of mind?

Even I used to do it a lot. It’s the worst thing you can do to the world and your pocket.

It should be your focus point to be more Frugal and save money because home is the place where it starts.


5. Trust the Process and Unlearn the Myths

People often relate the word Frugal to cheap, boring, and uninteresting life. They think that people who live a frugal life have no means of happiness.

I mean wtf! Not true at all.

Yes, it’s true that Money can help you enhance your way of living. And we’re not at all telling you to not live the good life that you deserve.

It’s not at all about money but mindset.
Because I have seen people living a millennial life buried deep in debt and stress because of the mismanagement of money.

While people living from paycheck to paycheck living a healthy and satisfying life because of well-managed finances.

All we’re trying to convey is that being frugal does not bring you a boring and less extravagant life. It will rather make you more efficient in managing your finances the right way all the while living the life you deserve.

It’s just a matter of having trust in the process because being frugal is not just a short-term solution. It will definitely prove to be a long-term shot at n number of benefits.

So these were our 5 Ways to be More Frugal and save money.


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5 Ways to be More Frugal and Save Money